Mommas, Self-Care Is Not Being Selfish

Mommas, Self-Care Is Not Being Selfish

I feel Mommas we need to chat. Let’s talk about something that we don’t talk about much, self-care. Why is it that so many moms feel guilty or selfish, when we do something for ourselves?

First off, we need to change that thought process. It took me many many years before I figured this out.

I had 7 babies in a 9 year span, one child with many special needs. Do you think I took much time for myself…no. My days were filled with homeschooling, daily home duties, and being a mom, and wife.

We get so caught up in our family, that we tend to push our needs aside. How does that work out for us? Do you feel burnt out, and tired? I know at times I did. What I learned is that you need to fill yourself up. Can you drink from an empty cup? Can you withdrawal from an empty bank account? No. Once we are drained, how are we able to really give to our family? Don’t they need the best of us? Not the tired, run down, exhausted version on us.

So really think about it. Is it selfish of us, if we go get our hair done, or nails? No!! No, it is not. What about taking a few hours and having coffee with a dear friend, or lunch. Going and hanging out with a girlfriend for a few hours is refreshing to the soul. You need that time to re-energize. You need that fellowship with those special friends to connect, and be uplifted. Whatever it is YOU NEED, you need to make time for, because you matter. You spend all your time taking care of your precious family, but please remember- you are part of the the family as well.

I just want us moms, to stop the mom guilt. Stop feeling like we can’t take care of ourselves, or that by doing so we are taking away from our kids. Take care of you, so you can be the best you, to those you love so very much.

God Bless You Mommas!

Do you take the time to do something for yourself? I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below!

Sarah Smith
Author: Sarah Smith

I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm Sarah- wife, and a stay-at-home/homeschooling, mom of 9. Here I'm going to be sharing about motherhood, faith, all things food, and so much more. I hope this website is an encouragement to you. Grab a hot coffee (while I drink mine cold) and enjoy!

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  • One of the most important things a woman, mom, or person can do for themselves. As women we are built as caregivers. You are so right, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You must find what fuels you. There are many different ways and everyone enjoys different ways. We should make us a priority to take care of us first!!! Its okay to love yourself enough to fill you up!!! A good massage, coffee and laughs with my person, reading a book outside, some hammock time…those are a few of my favorites ♡

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