Dehydrating Peppers

Dehydrating Peppers

Dehydrating peppers are really simple, and a huge space saver. If properly dried and conditioned these will be shelf stable for years. Peppers are truly a must have to have on hand at all times.

Once I have washed my peppers. I remove the tops and seeds. Then I chop them up either, by hand or many times I use this chopper (huge time saver). You can also slice or mince them if you prefer. Than place them on the dehydrator trays in a single layer and dehydrate for 10 hours.

You will know they are dry when they are extremely brittle.

Store in an air tight container and make sure to condition them for a few days.

Sarah Smith
Author: Sarah Smith

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  • Hi Sarah! What does it mean to “condition” the dried peppers for a few days? Do one need to condition all dehydrated food?

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